This is to clarify the meaning of “Polycentric Law”, a term which I often use to express my commitment to a purely contractual society with polycentric law and with competing Defense and Security Agencies.

Polycentric Law, as opposed to state-monopoly law, refers to a set of legal systems and competing and overlapping jurisdictions, based on association and private law, and not on territorial or public law.

In his article “Anarchocapitalism”, Francisco Capella states: “Anarchism is self-government and implies radical and consistent defense of freedom. Anarchocapitalism or “polycentric system of law through competing jurisdictions” is a spontaneous social organization,which is autonomous and non coercive. A voluntary cooperative order based on objective and universal ethics of freedom and justice rightly understood as the individual right to private property. Anarchism does not mean chaos, disorder or savagery, but simply the absence of a monopolistic state.

– Oscar Caprav