The word itself is self explaining: “GOVERNMENT”

What does it mean?

That A can force B to live the way A wants him to live. Otherwise, he will rob him (taxes, fines), kidnap him (arrest), throw him into a cage (prison) and if he tries to escape he’ll kill him (execution).

Sounds like a mafia right?

Yes, but it’s much worse … it is a MONOPOLY. Therefore it is the one and only mafia (it does not have to compete with other mafias, because it declares them “illegal”).

But it gets worse … the big difference, the one that really changes the game, is that self attributed “LEGALITY” (which no mafia will even attempt to claim). So robbing you, kidnapping you, and killing you …. is “right”! And many people believe it!

But … Is it RIGHT, really ?????

Without the superstition of “legality”, these criminals would simply be seen for what they are: CRIMINALS.

All that is needed for the game to start to change, is that people no longer believe that legality exists. The moment a critical mass of people stops viewing these psychopaths as “authority,” or as “legal”, the entire real game is uncovered, and they become viewed as real gangsters, thieves, looters and parasites who live only at expense of other people.

A mafia can only attempt to subject others through coercion or force but not through “legality” because those others will simply not believe it. Those others won’t view them as authority, but as a gang of criminals…. Plain and simple.

But coercion alone is not enough. When people, know they are under coercion of an immoral mob, they will rebel, they will defend themselves, they will disobey, they will get organized, they will react … because they KNOW that coercion of that mafia is NOT moral, nor they “believe” that it is “legal”. And people are going to find their way around! It is about peoples beliefs!!

The problem is that irrational SUPERSTITION. That superstition of believing in the necessity that there has to be an “authority”, and therefore believing in the existence of “authority” over other individuals, with their consequent subjection to it.

If people do not realize that “legal authority” does not exist, or if they don’t realize that it is immoral to pretend it does, they will try to replace that mafia with another new mafia (new government), and will again “sanctify” it by blessing it with that illusion which the concept of “legality” really is.

“Legality”, the existence of that belief that there must be an “authority” is no more than a superstition. But it is the most dangerous superstition. And it is not free of consequences, like nothing is.