Daily training for Individual Liberty …

Make an effort to regularly analyze how many things you repeat believing they are correct. That they are “here”… or that they are “like this” because they should be “like this”. That the system that is… is the right system. That “you agree with it.”

Deepen your mind (it requires effort) to clear all learned concepts… and observe again … analyze from scratch each item listed, momentarily putting aside your previous certainties.

You will realize you do not remember when you acquired each one of them … those memories are lost in times of childhood and adolescence. In times you lacked the tools to face those precepts, dogma of faith, traditions, information, education…from REASON.

You lacked  those means, so you built a whole structure of thought as from that information that was not yours but of others. Others who in turn absorbed from others yet, and so back.

That’s what it’s all about.

“In order to ‘understand’, you must empty yourself out, first”