These are interesting times for the ideas of liberty in Argentina (and the Spanish speaking world).  The internet is probably changing everything, now liberty-minded individuals can get to meet and communicate with each other. Plus, there is better access to great literature (most of it is in English but there is a lot of translation being done).

The Spanish edition of “The Market for Liberty” is selling and it is making a difference. The ideas of liberty are catching on.

A couple of years ago friend and fellow libertarian Ingólfr Arnarson came up with the idea of “Café Ancap”. Café Ancap is an anarcho-capitalism oriented open group that meets every Saturday at “Juana M” restaurant in Buenos Aires (you can look up Café Ancap on Facebook).

Café Ancap is growing very rapidly (our latest meeting was yesterday), and more and more people are becoming interested, especially young people.

It is interesting to see how the ideas of freedom are spreading. It may be a reaction to the many years of statism and collectivism.

The libertarian movement is alive and growing in Argentina (and the Spanish speaking world). We just need to help keep the momentum going.

For those of you in Argentina (or elsewhere) who are interested in freedom, what it means and why man needs it, you’re always welcome to join. Feel free!!

Cheers !!